Parent from Singapore
Jonathan Tan Godwin
SAP helps Jonathan Tan to overcome his challenges,
Unable to focus well

- His school teacher mentions that he is much better and able to focus during lesson time.
Quite boy, not very sociable

- He has become outspoken and enable to play with his class friends
Very active during lesson time by tapping music on table
  - He is much better and no more tapping music on the table during lesson time.
Justin Tan Jun Xiang
SAP helps Justine Tan to overcome his challenges.
Careless when doing school work

- He is able to be careful at his school work by checking
Very active and behavior problem

- He has calm down and less walking around
  - Behavior has changes, enable to think positively
No confidence and weak in concentration
  - He has confidence and better focus
Parent from Malaysia
Ever since I put my daughter into SIP AMA Program, I have noticed the following changes in her attitudes and behaviors.
Before (AMA) After ( AMA)
Hyperactive Quiet
Careless Careful
Manja ( Tender loving care) Caring
Impatient Patient
Can’t focus in doing work Much focusing now

She can now complete her assignment within minutes & without walking around doing something else. When she is in focus, she can grasp the English dictation given by teacher within seconds and be able to write and memories the harsh spelling word like scratchy / scribbly. Another level of improvement in terms of academic.

Before AMA, is hard for me to ask her to practice piano every day, but now, she will practice minimum once a day or sometime even few times a day. She can also concentrate in art drawing despite being disturbed by others. Another great improvement besides academic performance.

We are very happy and pleased with her recent changes. Thanks to SIP AMA Program.

So Yen May (Mother)

Parent from UAE

Improved confidence.
Maturity in communications.
More happy than before.
Improved learning abilities.

Hemang's Mother

Parent from UAE
Madhav & Meera

Confidence level of both my kids improved a lot. Now they are even started playing tennis blindfolded. Excellent program. Keep going.

Madhav & Meera's Father

Parent from UAE

My daughter Pallavi Biju is showing good improvement in her confidence level & studies. She feels her eye power has reduced which means she is comfortable without her spectacles.

Pallavi's Mother

Parent from UAE

Increase in confidence level.
Very innovative.
Very friendly.
Has become quiet outspoken.
Developed reading blindfolded.
Interest in exercise.
Develop habitual change.

Sruthi's Mother

Parent from UAE
Tharshini Jayakumar

She is interested in many things. But, bit hurry and careless due to over enthusiasm. I can some steady & stableness in her. Hoping for a good improvement and changes. Very happy in the progress. Thanks for AMA.

M. Jayakumar & Hema Jayakumar (Parents)

Parent from UAE
Shashank L. Dharpure

Before (workshop) he was not listening. Now he is very positive and listening.

Priti Dharpure (Parent)

Parent from China
Guang Sheng Jie