We are currently offering a licensing programme for entrepreneurs interested to start up a children education programme in Malaysia. Existing kindergarten principals and education/training centre owners are welcome to adopt AMA brain activation programme into respective curriculum.

The Company will provide training and ongoing support to ensure your success. Licensees can set up your centres and get into business immediately.
- Passionate and committed in children education.
- Able to operate AMA programme on a full-time basis in accordance with our standards and licensing requirements.
- Unique programme with a niche market.
- Systematic and result-proven program.
- Evolutionary programme to help children unleash their mental potentials and realize higher - achievements.
- Modest start-up and operational cost.
- Exclusive rights over the location of your choice.
- Extensive management, marketing, and teachers’ training.
- High standards of control over programme effectiveness and quality of teachers.

Please fill in the form here and we will contact you shortly.