The ACHIEVER'S MIND & ATTITUDE (AMA) ACADEMY was launched in November of 2011 after a rigorous 3-year research conducted by the faculty of SIP ACADEMY to create a programme catered to the mental development of children.


Optimum Learning and Performance = Active and Balance Brain Working Together


The vestibular and proprioceptive systems are in control of balance and movement. The vestibular is the first system to be developed in a fetus, providing the fetus a sense of direction and orientation inside the womb. Problems in the vestibular system will affect sensory systems because all sensations pass through the vestibular mechanism before being transmitted elsewhere for analysis. Sensory systems are the primary means a child uses to gain new knowledge. If the sensory systems do not function at their optimal level, learning will be compromised.

Proprioceptive system is a sense of the body in the space. We use five senses to determine where our bodies are in relation to their environment and where various parts of our bodies are in relation to one another. If the proprioceptive system is not functioning well, we either have a diminished sense of body-in-space or place greater reliance on other senses such as the eyes to compensate. This can lead to lack of concentration, tiredness and a failure to achieve to our full potential.

Children who find it difficult to do the required classroom work, often seem to be misbehaving, or not making an effort may suffer from limited communication and limited access of one or both hemispheres of the brain. If the child relies mostly on one hemisphere of the brain for learning, that hemisphere will be overwhelmed with information and will result in processing delays, poor memory, frustration, and lower self-confident. Brain Gym activities facilitate communication between both hemispheres of the brain to process information simultaneously for optimum performance.

Incorporated with Brain Gym® movement, multi sensory training and treated sounds, AMA Programmes restore balance of the brain and integrate all aspects such as, vestibular and proprioceptive functions, dominance and laterality, fine and gross motor skills, visual perceptual skills, and auditory and sensory processing, of the brain to rebuild a firm foundation for optimal learning and performance.

i Between 1997 and 2000, mathematics scores went from 33 percent to 92 percent.
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ii. Between 1997 and 2000, writing scores went from 31 percent to 82 percent.
"Creating a Win-Win Situation in a Canadian Grade School," by Liz Jones Twomey, Ontario, Canada. Brain Gym® Journal, Nov. 2002, Volume XVI, No. 3.
iii. For 2001-2002 and 2002-2003, test results of children involved in a Brain Gym program showed a significant decrease in all problematical behaviors, including symptoms of attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity during the period of participation.
"Giving Back," by Karen "Freesia" Peterson, Hawaii. Brain Gym® Journal, July 2005, Volume XIX, No. 2.
iv. Discipline Referrals for a Pittsburg pre-K classroom (2004-2005) of 32 students; referrals went from 19 per month to 0 with the use of Brain Gym.
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v Fifth-grade students passed the Standards of Learning tests (SOLs) with a 12 percent gain.
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AMA Academy strongly believes the holistic mental development and unleashing the inner potential enable children to excel in academic as well as in other equally important aspects in life.
  • To provide loving environment conducive to children mental development.
  • To unleash the vast inner potential and nurture children with the characteristics and attitudes of achievers.
  • To equip children with lifelong skills empowering them to achieve a fruitful and successful future.
Meet our dedicated team of dedicated and experienced consultants and trainers.
Kelvin Tham
  • Certified Brain Gym® Consultant by Educational Kinesiology Foundation, California
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist by IACT, USA
  • Certified Accelerated Learning Strategies by Optimum Performance Technologies, Singapore
  • More than 20 years coaching experience in more than 10 countries
Daphnie Wong, educational kinesiologist aand certified Brain Gym® Consultant
  • certified Brain Gym® Consultant by Educational Kinesiology Foundation, California
  • B. Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis
  • B. Psychology